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Elevating the game for a global attention marketing agency

Client | AFK

Klutch Studio x AFK Logo Design and Business Cards

The challenge

AFK is a global attention marketing agency which unites passionate audiences, remarkable content creators and world-leading brands. They approached us to help them build a new brand and digital presence. After significant growth since launching in 2020 they needed an identity that would communicate their vision, values and new brand strategy developed by Arnt Eriksen. Having rebranded 3 times since their launch, we knew we had to build something that would stick.

Klutch Studio x AFK Brand Strategy Klutch Studio AFK Tagline Klutch Studio AFK Brand Guidelines Klutch Studio AFK Palette Klutch Studio AFK Colour Gradient Klutch Studio AFK Brand Vertical Logos Klutch Studio AFK Brand Fonts Klutch Studio AFK Annual Report Design

The solution

We digested the strategy, leaning into the brand truth of 'Elevate the game' and the brand values, passion, kinship and limitless. We wanted the brand to make the viewers feel like AFK were authoritative, creative, and exhilarating yet subtle.

We created a bold logotype that was formed on a square grid, that could be subdivided by 45-degree angles, this grid allowed us to create a symbol that linked the logotype and brand together and could be used stand-alone or with the logo to add weight. Working within the grid structure we created a system that allowed image containers to be easily built no matter the shape requirements, 3 different types of container allowed for all sorts of content. The company has 3 distinct operating verticals, Pros (pro gamers), Creators (digital creators) and Digital (attention marketing). We created a colour palette that allowed each vertical to own a colour, supported by a rich black and mesh gradient that was made up of tints of the main brand vertical colours and supports for additional verticals when they happen. The overall brand leant into swiss type systems, with a custom font AFK Grotesk Monument from ABC Dinamo, which allowed clear and easy-to-digest messaging.

Klutch Studio AFK Billboard Design
Klutch Studio AFK Signage Design Klutch Studio AFK Tote Bag Design
Klutch Studio AFK Mobile Website Design 1 Klutch Studio AFK Mobile Website Design 2 Klutch Studio AFK Tablet Website Design 1

Website Design

After the visual identity was complete we set about designing and building a custom website that was built to show off both their talent roster, case studies, and thought leadership. The site was built on a Craft CMS that allowed them easy access to update the content. A tag structure was employed throughout the site to ensure relevant content could be shown on the right pages and also divide the content into the three verticals both for display and visually via colour.

Visit the site www.thisisafk.com

Klutch Studio AFK Website Design

Services and credits


→ Logo Design
→ Visual Identity
→ Website Design
→ Front and Back End Web Development
→ Craft CMS Integration


→ Fonts used AFK Monument Grotesk from Dinamo

And finally a big thank you to Matthew Woods, Ella Jennings, Arnt Eriksen for trusting us with this project.


“Working with Klutch was a great experience! They were always willing to listen to our ideas and executed our strategy/vision beyond our expectations”

Matthew Woods
CEO and Co-Founder

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