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Client | Belstaff

Belstaff phoenix brand identity


Belstaff is a well-known UK clothing and outerwear brand established in 1927. Its heritage deep-rooted in motorcycle racing and adventure. As part of a recent acquisition by INEOS the new CEO needed to communicate the new brand mission and company direction to the existing team to get their support and empower them to deliver on it.

Belstaff phoenix logo designs


Mission Phoenix was born and we set about creating a set of assets that combined the Belstaff ‘Phoenix’ from their logo marque and the open, breathtaking landscapes that their clothes were made to endure and thrive in. Combing these to make a visible link, we created an interactive presentation that allowed the CEO to present the vision and prompt excitement amongst the global team. Such a success, the assets have been adopted by the brand team and used across further literature, comms and shop livery.

Belstaff billboard design Belstaff shop front design


“The team were brilliant and I was super impressed with how quickly you guys got to grips with what I wanted and produced something so cool. The presentation went really well and everyone seemed motivated and engaged”

Fran Millar
CEO, Belstaff

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