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Client | Better Home Cover

Better Home Cover billboard design


Better Home Cover is a challenger home insurance brand and needed help to stand out against more established brands with a foothold in the market. Their ethos of Fairer, Simpler, Better means they put the customer first and offer a market-leading product, they don’t talk in insurance jargon and don’t take themselves too seriously. They needed to represent this across all of their marketing channels including a website that would allow customers to purchase insurance seamlessly within minutes without having to wait on hold for hours.

Better Home Cover colour logo design Better Home Cover white logo design Better Home Cover studio imagery Better Home Cover car livery Better Home Cover studio advertisement


In a traditionally 'straight' industry, we have injected some personality into the brand with a friendly and comforting logo mark, light-hearted friendly images, tone of voice, and colour palette. Supporting this is a number of identity assets that add further eye-catching elements of surprise and delight. Using this identity we designed and built a website that allows customers to purchase insurance online, with a complex mix, Stripe, a premium credit solution, and Zoho Subscriptions and Zoho CRM to manage their customer data and customer communications.

Better Home Cover wireframe designs Better Home Cover advert image Better Home Cover image assets Better Home Cover social media assets Better Home Cover notebooks and stickers Better Home Cover studio bag


Better Home Cover has gone from an idea to a fully fledged insurance provider in just over 24 months, and has seen month on month customer growth, They have the visual assets and technology to continue to grow and help their customers, by offering up an easy to understand product. We are excited about the future.

Visit the site www.betterhomecover.com


“In the time we've been working with the team at Klutch, they have supported us during our initial stages building our brand and helped us exceed our road map.”

Mads Dal
Co-Founder, Better Home Cover

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