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platform for a crypto service

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BlockParty Trading was born after seeing a gap in the market to help everyday investors understand and trade cryptocurrency.

Through training and expert market insight, they offer their customers tiered membership offerings that give them access to their in-house experts 24/7, trading bots, up-to-date daily market news and highlights that help them to learn to trade better.

After proving concept and gaining interest from clients all over the world, they needed a new brand and visual identity, and a website that allowed users to view their offering, get a taste of their expertise and sign up to their membership offering.

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A brand that only exists online meant we could push the identity, creating a logo type that gave subtle reference to their previous logo but also paired it with a new marque that would become an integral part of the brand. A 'B' symbol that works in both 2D and 3D forms, created on a square grid that becomes a recognisable part of the brand. A bold RGB colour palette paired with a rich black base complemented with Whyte font from ABC Dinamo, which offers a modern serif font that is striking as a headline and easy to read in long copy.

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Led by the brand identity, we created a website that allowed current customers to login, manage their membership, view content, interact with the BPT team and view curated Telegram feeds depending on their membership level.

For new and potential customers, we wanted to give them taste of the knowledge base that would be available to them so designed and built a Wiki which allowed the BPT team to upload daily content, tips and insight that is not available elsewhere. A customer could then join the various monthly membership tiers based on how much extra support and knowledge they wanted to gain and their experience, from novice hobby traders to professionals.

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Built on Word Press CMS and custom Stripe integration to allow for one-off payments, and recurring memberships, all managed by a single database.

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