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Designing simplicity for an AI driven commodities company

Client | ChAI

Klutch Studio x ChAI - Poster design

The Challenge

ChAI is a fintech company that combines 1000's of data points with AI to democratise commodities price forecasting, in one easy-to-use platform. During the 2nd half of 2023, they are launching an insurance product to give companies that rely heavily on commodities peace of mind against price changes.

After gaining initial market traction and investment from leading VCs they approached us to help them build a new brand strategy, and visual and verbal identity that would take them through their next stage of growth.

Klutch Studio x ChAI - Brand purpose statement Klutch Studio x ChAI - Brand strategy Klutch Studio x ChAI - Brand identity Klutch Studio x ChAI - Brand strategy 4 C's

The Solution

Working closely with the ChAI team we ran a series of workshops to help us build the brand strategy, teasing out information, testing and refining until we settled on the brand idea of 'Simplicity – Transforming the complex & risky to the accessible & safe'. This then drove all messaging and creative development.

With two offerings, the forecasting dashboard (insight) and the insurance product (protection) we built a brand marque that was made up of a sum of these parts, the inner shape was insight and surrounding it was the protection element, with a subtle nod to the 'c' in ChAI, this was paired with a custom wordmark that highlighted the AI, element of the company. The shapes that made up the marque then became a design system which was used with layered images that show both the origin of the commodities in its rawest form, and on top masked into the relevant brand shape, the commodity being processed, as it would be by ChAI's customers. The colour palette was created around the commodities they cover with one additional colour, ChAI orange, which is used as a primary brand colour representing the digital nature of the company. An elegant yet premium-type style added a to level of maturity and prestige to the brand identity.

Klutch Studio x ChAI - Brand strapline Klutch Studio x ChAI - Brandmark creation Klutch Studio x ChAI - Protect image Klutch Studio x ChAI - Protect sublogo Klutch Studio x ChAI - Insight sublogo Klutch Studio x ChAI - Insight image
Klutch Studio x ChAI - Brand guidelines Klutch Studio x ChAI - Colour palette Klutch Studio x ChAI - Icon set Klutch Studio x ChAI - Coffee commodity

The Website

ChAI needed a website that did a few things, explained its product offerings and benefits to new viewers, showcased its expertise via downloadable thought leadership, case studies, white papers, and gathered leads from potential new clients. The solution is a website that is easy to navigate, understand the products and gather more intel but also book a call with one of the experts to understand more about ChAI and get a demo. The site includes gated content, with details going into HubSpot CRM, a Craft CMS for full content control and the ability to create landing pages as needed for digital marketing campaigns.

Klutch Studio x ChAI - Website designs Klutch Studio x ChAI - Digital components
Klutch Studio x ChAI - Application design
Klutch Studio x ChAI - Website favicon Klutch Studio x ChAI - Mobile designs Klutch Studio x ChAI - Exhibition lanyard Klutch Studio x ChAI - Tshirt design Klutch Studio x ChAI - Document template designs Klutch Studio x ChAI - Outdoor screen mockup
Klutch Studio x ChAI - Outdoor posters

Services and Credits

Visit the site: www.chaipredict.com


→ Brand Strategy
→ Logo Design
→ Visual Identity
→ Verbal Identity
→ Website Design and Build


→ Fonts used: Reckless Neue, Helvetica Now Pro, F37 Lineca
Craft CMS

And finally a big thank you to Marcus, Tristan, Felix, Natasha and the whole ChAI team for allowing us to bring this to life.


“After chatting with multiple agencies, Klutch came recommended particularly for their work with smaller companies. The project kicked off with a couple of very interactive, enjoyable workshops to identify our needs and the company's personality. Klutch's communication throughout the project was very clear and timely, always happy to jump on a call or make changes where necessary. We are very happy with the end result and would recommend Klutch to others looking for a rebrand. ”

Marcus Dixon
COO & Co-Founder

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