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The Challenge

German Doner Kebab (GDK) has seen significant growth over the past 7 years, growing from 11 to 150 franchised outlets worldwide. Their brand had become disparate and stretched, and they had no central source of brand information to share with franchises to inform correct and consistent usage.

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The Solution

We worked with them to review what had been created to date, various agencies had built their own versions of toolkits to inform their work and their strategy was stretched across various internal facing decks. We aligned their brand strategy, updating and unifying their mission, values, purpose and personality into one concise brand book to guide franchisees all over the world on how to live the brand. We then built out the visual identity elements, creating easy to follow rules around implementation from logos to colours and fonts to photography across promotional literature, in-store fit outs and external storefronts to ensure all stores are consistent.

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GDK Brand Values
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The brand book is now shared as part of the welcome pack to all new franchisees as they build out their store launch plan, allowing them a blueprint to create and sense check their own assets, meaning that the brand is now consistent across all restaurants, globally.

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