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IBM portal banner logo design


The government Open Banking legislation to force all banks to open up access to their customer's data so they can share it with 3rd parties and other suppliers, become law in 2019, as part of these tech giants IBM needed a portal that allowed its customers instruction and guidance and tools on how to install, test and trial their Opening Banking API’s products.

IBM colours


After getting up to speed with IBM's extensive design language we designed the portal site and plugged it into a Word Press backend framework that had been built internally by the IBM team to house the tools and instructions. Simple logins were created for their customers and we used a rating system to rate each of the API’s and guys which helped the customer and ensured IBM were kept aware of the customer feedback on the tools. The site was built in just 4 weeks from start to finish.

IBM webpage bar IBM portal web and app design


Designed and built in just 6 weeks the site was ready for the IBM team to share with their customers giving them access to the nessercary tools so they could become compliant in time for the PSD2 deadline.


“We needed a portal and fast, Kevin and his team understood the needs and took it from an idea to finished product in a matter of weeks.”

Carlo Marcoli
API Economy Solutions Leader Europe, IBM

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