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The catering function in care homes is broken; currently meal planning takes place on scraps of paper, nothing is recorded, orders are phoned in across multiple suppliers and there’s no way to track deliveries, reconcile budgets or make informed decisions based on occupancy or day-to-day requirements, such as staff or visitors.

Enter Kyte, an application that helps care homes solve all of these issues in one single, easy-to-use platform. As well as creating meal planning suggestions, allergen advice and building a data set that allows teams to make informed decisions.

The Kyte team approached us to help them build a brand strategy, name and visual identity for their launch.

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We ran a series of workshops with the client to help us build an ownable brand strategy and create clear naming guardrails. The creative proposition was Nourishing teams with data and insight which drove all creative thinking.

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The name Kyte represented the 360° view a Kite (bird) would have when soaring over land, which aligned with the product and what it gives its users. We created a brand marque that combined the feathers of a wing and bar graph to represent data supported by a wordmark that had a subtle play on the feathers. Supported by the strapline "Elevate your view".

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The visual identity was based on the idea of fluid data flowing between users to create better insight and decision making. Key messages and product benefits were shown as alerts to mirror how they would appear in the application and integrated into photography that showed users interacting with the product in kitchens, leaning into the benefits it would create for them.

We rolled the identity out across multiple touch-points, including a website, animation, social media and marketing collateral.

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Services & Credits

A big thank you to Allison Croft, Steve Godber and Kevin Cowell for trusting us with this project.

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