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Lukango is an Insurtech start-up on a mission to change small business insurance. They want small businesses to have straight-up and simple insurance protection, always. Their core mission is to explain policies using clear, easy-to-understand language, which will give them confidence they are choosing the right insurance they need to support their business as it grows.

They approached us to create their brand strategy, brand & visual identity, and design and build of a full e-commerce website that allows users to purchase their insurance policies.

A dreamy visual identity

Knowing that they didn't want just another insurance brand, we set about working with the Lukango team to understand and define their brand strategy. Their point of difference was clearly defined. They have the opportunity to unite with aspiring and dynamic entrepreneurs in a way that mirrors their dreams and ambitions, releasing them to grow without limits.

Brand truth for Lukango
Klutch Studio X Lukango – Brand truth
Klutch Studio X Lukango – Image

We distilled this down to the creative proposition of Freedom to live your dreams. This was the jumping off point for all creative. We built an identity that felt dreamy, a hand-crafted logotype that gave it a personal feel and an inclusive colour palette that took inspiration from the diversity of their intended customer base with a splash of Blurple (a combination of Blue and Purple), a colour they could own. We worked with Olga Semklo to create a series of character illustrations that talked directly to small business owners across multiple sectors and built a set of brand expressions that enhanced key messaging. All are supported by an upbeat, fun and easy-to-understand verbal identity.

Klutch Studio X Lukango – Bubble gradient
Brand guidelines for Lukango by Klutch Studio
Lukango favicon by Klutch Studio
Klutch Studio X Lukango – Illustrations
Lukango mockup billboard
Klutch Studio X Lukango – Image
Klutch Studio X Lukango – Social media posts
Klutch Studio X Lukango – Poster mockups
Lukango pin badge

The Website

Ensuring the visual and verbal identity carried across the website was key to a successful launch. The site is made up of two parts; the front end of the site (the business information and product details) and the insurance purchase journey, which is made up of a question set, allowing you to find the best cover based on your specific requirements. Once the site map and content mapping were agreed we built clickable prototype wireframes to allow us to test the user journeys, including the question set.

Klutch Studio X Lukango – Mobile designs
Lukango website designs ipad mockups

After testing various routes we agreed on a question set that presented a single question at a time, allowing the user to focus on the answer, not feel overwhelmed but also allow them to get jargon-free explanations for each question to ensure they understood what they were getting the way of insurance cover, their answer deciding their path through the questions. Working alongside Cooper Rose Digital, Lukango's technical partner, who were building their back-end systems, ratings engine and CRM, we integrated the front-end questions via an API to ensure all data was passed through and live costs could be displayed on the site and edited by choices the customer was making in real-time.

Lukango website components
Lukango website components
Klutch Studio X Lukango – Website components
Klutch Studio X Lukango – Website components
Klutch Studio X Lukango – Website components
Lukango website designs by Klutch Studio

Services & Credits


Brand Strategy
Visual Identity
Website Design
Front and Back End Web Development
Craft CMS Integration
API Integration


Fonts used: Pleasure and Figtree
Illustrations: Olga Semklo
Lukango Technical Development Partners: Cooper Rose Digital