Passive Eye

Showcasing the world's first self sustaining,
always-on tracking device

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Cleaner, clearer and more recognisable

Passive Eye is the world's first asset tracking device that does not require its battery to be manually recharged, meaning there is no data downtime or the need for anyone to attend the asset and manually charge or change the battery, making huge savings for companies that track a lot of assets.

They approached us to help update their digital presence prior to attending Hannover Messe, where the CEO was due to present to the delegates. We saw this as an opportunity to update the digital identity to reflect the forward-thinking nature of the tech product.

Website Case Study Half Old Logo
Website Case Study Half New Logo
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Creating an expandable digital component kit

Initially we simplified the logo mark, and injected some personalty into their location pin/eye symbol. A total overhauling of the site content, we mapped out and devised the relevant messaging. A new visual identity for brand was devised, including fonts, colour, image style and graphic assets that supported the product's tracking capability. From there, we created a simplified digital component kit which included type styles, buttons, icons and illustrations as well as core modules on the site, meaning that the site can be expanded upon easily in the future.

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Website Case Study 2
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