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Creating a magical recruitment brand and website

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Klutch Studio x Recruited - Mobile design

The Challenge

Recruited is a specialist recruitment company that works with high-growth start-ups to build their product teams and helps candidates find roles.

They approached us to help them create a bold new brand and website that would better reflect Alex, the founder's vision and personality and help them stand out as they embark on a phase of growth.

Klutch Studio x Recruited - Creative proposition Klutch Studio x Recruited - Brand strategy manifesto

The Strategy

We built a strategy around the primary audience, founders in fast-paced start-ups that want to change the world. They understood the value of good hires and didn't have the time or budget to fail. Enter Recruited.

Their brand purpose was born. We exist to improve people's lives by building game-changing product teams. And we lent into the Magician Archetype and wanted to ensure we acted and looked like a tech business.

Klutch Studio x Recruited - Colour palette
Klutch Studio x Recruited - Typography F37 Judge

The Solution

After building several creative territories, the final direction was the standout, it included bold digital colours, a characterful logotype with subtle nods to the magician archetype, bold typography choices and a selection of stickers that reflected a mix of start-up terminology and magic phrases.

The new visual identity was then carried across the website, which balanced telling the Recruited story to ensure that new clients understood their offering and their depth of knowledge and experience in the industry and gathering data in the form of CVs or new business enquiries. Run on a Craft CMS backend, they have complete control of the website and its content.

Klutch Studio x Recruited - Website design mockup Klutch Studio x Recruited - Website designs Klutch Studio x Recruited - Mobile design mockups Klutch Studio x Recruited - Brand identity and website design
Klutch Studio x Recruited - Linkedin Profile mockup

Services and Credits

Visit the site: www.getrecruited.io


→ Brand Strategy
→ Logo Design
→ Visual Identity
→ Website Design and Build


→ Fonts used, F37 Judge, GT Flexa and Area.
Craft CMS

And finally a big thank you to Alex Elliot for trusting us with this project.


→ Honourable mention on Awwards


“The team at Klutch Studio have been brilliant. They listened to my needs intently and came up with a unique brand that sets me apart from the competition. I absolutely love our new branding and would highly recommend Klutch to anyone that's looking to freshen up their company brand.”

Alex Elliott
Founder & Director

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