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Visualising the evolution of infant immunisation

Client | Sanofi

Sanofi storyboard designs


Since the 1940s, immunisation has played an important part in UK healthcare services, especially for children. Over the years it has evolved in response to new vaccines and changing the burden of diseases. Sanofi a leader in drug innovation needed an animation that communicated this journey and process over the years to the current day to set the scene as they innovate new vaccines.

Sanofi inspiration


Working within the Sanofi brand identity we conceptualised different ways of creating a dynamic and visually captivating animation style that would keep the attention of the viewer for the 26-minute story. The concept was based around a ‘dot’ and timeline theme that would help your journey through the years. Supported by a full suite of icons, bold brand colours, and continuous movements in the animation style we keep it fun with a playful style for the serious topic.

Sanofi icon design Sanofi x Klutch Studio - Icon style outcome
Sanofi Storyboard

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