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Klutch Studio X YourStride

YourStride is a wearable watch that replaces the dated, obvious and tired pendant alarm that many older people wear in order to give them confidence incase they were to fall at home or worse. The YourStride watch gives its users the freedom to leave the house and still be one press away from help should they need it with a much more subtle device worn on the wrist as a watch. They approached us with their new name (previously Personal Alarm Watch) after a period of success selling their watch with no real brand or identity, the product was proven and it was time to double down on efforts by creating a strong brand that their customers could get behind.

Klutch Studio X YourStride – Brand Identity
Klutch Studio X YourStride – Tote bag design

We set about finding their 'why' and delivered a brand strategy that tapped into both their new name, their vision and their target audience demographics, we settled on the creative proposition, Grow old without limits. We wanted to give potential buyers a sense of the freedom the watch would give them, allowing them to take on normal tasks such as going to the corner shop or walking to the end of the garden without fear.

Klutch Studio X YourStride – Watch design

After presenting a number of creative ideas, we settled on creative route Navigate Further. Using the topographic lines of a map as patterns, we were able to create textures that adorned the creative and gave the visual cues of going further. We used these shapes as masks for images that put the user at the heart of the brand, almost mirroring the 'always in touch' style signal the watch emits to keep its users safe and well. The colour palette was influenced by the great outdoors and the type style needed to be familiar yet legible for the older eyes.

Klutch Studio X YourStride – Brand Guidelines
Klutch Studio X YourStride – Postcard
Klutch Studio X YourStride – Brochure
“They've taken the time to understand who is and what makes our business tick first. We found them easy to work with and I have consistently been impressed with how they have been able to translate our non-designer garbled feedback into something cohesive that they could apply. Each time, absolutely on point.”
Adi KasliwalCo-Founder
Klutch Studio X YourStride – Billboard
Klutch Studio X YourStride – Magazine layout
Klutch Studio X YourStride – Packaging design

Upon completion of the visual identity we implemented the new digital design, designing the new website, updating the sitemap to improve user journey and path to purchase the site also needed to be AAA-compliant for the older audience. Built in-house by the YourStride team worked with them to design a modular approach to content along with an extensive component kit that allowed them to roll-out new pages and functionality quickly as they needed.

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Klutch Studio X YourStride – Mobile website designs
Klutch Studio X YourStride – Website components
Klutch Studio X YourStride – Mobile designs
Klutch Studio X YourStride – Website layouts