B2P, not B2B or B2C

Kevin Barter

Klutch Enzyme Internal Shoot Spring 2022 146

When new clients approach Klutch we always get asked to show our B2B or B2C work depending on what they do. Of course, we can show both, case studies and lots of previous experience across the team.

We are a people agency. We are run by people, our potential clients are people and their customers are people, so when people ask us about our B2B or B2C creds we tell them we are a B2P (Business to People) agency.

We understand the difference between business buyers and consumers. We know that the business sales cycle is longer, it takes up to 13 touchpoints for someone to visit a website to take a look and then you’ve got to convince them to make an enquiry or buy after that. For consumers, it's very different, impulse purchases are frequent, the jeans in the shop window or something you never knew you needed, bought via an ad on Instagram. We’ve all been there. We get it.

But…and it's a big BUT. All the people making these decisions are PEOPLE.

Some control the budget directly, some need permission to spend it, some people like to take their time, and some are impulsive. But most of all people are emotional and make purchases based on how they feel at a certain time about a certain offering or product. You see we are still talking about people, not whether they are a B2B or a B2C business, they are just just humans at the end of the day. Understand the humans at the end of it and you’ve got a much stronger chance of connecting and resonating.

When we create brands, people are always front and centre, our personas or ICPs are always built specifically but we like to get to the real person, not just their age, job or title. We want to understand their hobbies, where they hang out, what car they drive, and what’s their favourite drink. This way we can build up more of a personality profile, it's a way to get under their skin, from the messaging they read to the visuals they see.

I’ll expand more on this in another article, but for now, remember we are all just people consuming content as we go.