Introducing Klutch Studio

Klutch Studio

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We have a shiny new blog and we’ve realised some of you might not know us so what better to write about in our first blog post than ourselves, so here goes.

We are Klutch Studio a small but perfectly formed creative agency based in London, launched in 2018 we’ve now been going for two and a half years, which has flown by. We propel brands forward.

Founded by myself, Kevin Barter. In a former life, I was an elite swimmer, training over 30hrs per week alongside studying for a degree in Graphic Design from Coventry University. It was this time as a swimmer that helped me hone my skills as I know them now. After almost 15years as a creative in both the UK and Australia, I formed Klutch Studio to merge creative thinking with the tools I’d gained during my swimming life. The constant pursuit of small marginal gains, personal bests and winning performances. It’s the pursuit of these gains that drive us forward as a business now. We work with brands that also want to find the marginal gains and push forward their business with strategic creative.

We work with start-ups, large brands and everything in between, our focus is on the sports sector but we also work with a number of exciting businesses in other sectors that align with our values and we feel can benefit from our processes and skills.

We are focused on building brands, and working from the ground up to create value and give brands the tools they need to succeed across all touchpoints and channels.

We have 5 values that we live by:

Creatively inquisitive

Nothing is right or wrong, we seek discomfort and we trial, test and understand the journey, we learn from it and improve performance.

Continuous improvement

We won't settle. We know that we need to do the extra laps so we can get that competitive advantage. We find the 1% in everything. We Never Settle.

Be Daring

We are not afraid to be different, to try new methods for success, being bold is in our DNA. If you keep doing the same things you will get the same results.

Marginal gains

We break things down into small, understandable chunks, milliseconds count here towards your end goals. Marginal gains add up to large returns.

Be Bold

We set large goals and aren’t scared of them. These are what keep us excited about the future and keep us moving forward.

We will be sharing news, thought and insight on our blog so if you are interested in hearing more please sign-up to our newsletter in the footer.

Over and out, for now.