Our Favourite Type Foundries

Klutch Studio

Klutch Type 1

At Klutch, we believe that a well-crafted, unique typeface can transform any brand and we love using the talented work produced by various font foundries around the world. We’ve selected just 5 from our long list of bookmarked foundries, as well as the projects we’ve used them in over the years.

F37® Foundry

Based in northwest England, F37® Foundry creates a variety of typefaces with character and charm. We love how diverse their collection is and have used multiple fonts across our brand and web projects recently. Our latest brand & web project, ChAI, uses F37 Lineca and Recruited uses F37 Judge for all headlines. Their trial collection is often the first filtered through when beginning the type search for most of our projects.

Grilli Type

Grilli was founded in Switzerland however is now dispersed around the world – they create type with a point of view and have an interesting collection of varied fonts which are great for both display and paragraph copy. We recently used GT Flexa to create the Recruited logo which uses has a distinctive personality and uses inktraps to add interest to the letters. We were searching for a characterful, chunky typeface and this one fit the brief perfectly.


Pizza is a French type design studio which offers custom and retail typefaces, web typography and type consulting around the world. They’re commissioned for all kinds of projects, often technology or engineering-related, and are continually exploring the variable-font format too.

When developing the brand identity for Lukango, we were searching for a headline font which was upbeat and fun yet still legible and that would pair nicely with our custom illustrations for the brand. Pizza’s Pleasure typeface was a perfect fit!


Displaay is an independent type foundry out of Prague, Czech Republic, and has several collaborators from around the world. With their primary focus on retail and custom typefaces, they aim to develop distinctive typefaces that the market is currently lacking.

We’ve used several Displaay typefaces across projects during our time – most recently we used Reckless as the headline font for fintech company ChAI. Another project from last year, DEFY, uses Roobert for all paragraph text.


Based in Berlin, Dinamo is a type design agency offering retail and bespoke typefaces, design software, research, and consultancy. They work on various-sized projects around the globe and hold a large collection of really diverse typefaces. In past projects, we’ve used Dinamo’s Whyte Inktrap typeface for the BlockParty Trading and Monument Grotesk typeface for AFK, as well as various others in conceptual stages.