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Working with us - what can you expect?

05.2023 | By Kevin Barter

I often get asked a lot on new business calls how working with us works and what it's like, so I’ve decided to try and get it down in writing.

When tackling any new project we tend to have a general process framework we use but we flex it depending on what the goals of the project are, the budgets and the type of project, for example, a brand identity project process differs from a website design & build project.

We do have some key elements we just can’t miss out on, although the depth can vary depending on budget and timelines, I believe these are key to ensuring a successful project.

1. Getting under the skin

Once we’ve been briefed on the needs, goals and requirements we try and get under the skin of the brand or company (if new to us), this could mean spending time with the team running workshops and hearing pain points or it could mean reviewing existing touchpoints, using their products and even working for them. Once we have a better understanding of the brand or company we can make some strategic decisions.

2. Setting the goals

With any new project, it's key to set some goals upfront so that we can measure success at the end of the project.

3. Build the strategy

Strategy can take many forms, in our larger brand projects we tend to use the 4C’s strategy model that focuses on Company, Customer, Category and Culture and distils each down until we have a unique positioning that informs creativity. Or it could be defining the technical requirements a customer may need on their new website. This strategy can be long or short be we need to have one!

4. Get creative

Once we know the customer and have a picture of the strategy we can begin to ‘create’ this usually revolves around a single ‘creative idea’ that the creative team can use as a jumping-off point. For example, for our rebrand project with YourStride.com, we used the creative idea ‘Age without limits’. This gives the creative team a big idea to link the creative to and keep them in check. We normally have at least 2 ideas or routes for how we can bring the idea to life creatively, this allows us to give the client options and we choose and refine from there.

5. Test

Once we have a creative idea we stress test it, if it's a brand we work it across multiple channels and touchpoints to test it, do the rules work? How does the home page brand work on a contact page on a website, is it all consistent? Once we know that it works we can roll out the whole project in multiple channels and mediums.

6. Deployment and handover

At the point of approval from the client the project is ready to go live, this could mean the announcement of a new brand, a website going live or simply handing over a toolkit to an internal team to roll out.

7. Measurement

Based on the goals set we will measure the results, this could be instant or take months for campaign results to feed through. We work alongside the client to do this as part of a project debrief.

Hopefully, that sheds some light on our core process and steps, we try and ensure each project is delivered on time, on budget and has maximum impact and success for our clients, but also make sure every project is as fun as possible for all involved.

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